Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

This page serves all educators, administrators and parents supporting students with intellectual disabilities.  Students identified as having an intellectual disability are characterized as having an impairment that affects cognitive functioning and adaptive behaviors. Students will have diverse cognitive profiles and individual strengths and needs.  It is important to understand that the information contained on this page may be helpful to students of varying disabilities including, but not limited to autism, deaf-blind, multiple disabilities, etc.  Visitors to this page are encouraged to explore other PaTTAN pages. 



- Office Lead
- State Lead
Sielke Caparelli, Ed.D. PaTTAN - Pittsburgh
Donna Halpin PaTTAN - East
Ashley Harned PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Nikole Hollins-Sims PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Willow Hozella PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Tina Lawson PaTTAN - East
Ron Logan PaTTAN - East
Kathryn Poggi, Ed.D. PaTTAN - Pittsburgh
Tara Russo PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Sandy Shacklady-White PaTTAN - East
Bob Shields PaTTAN - Pittsburgh
Erica Kaurudar PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Scott Semow PaTTAN - Pittsburgh
Chanda Telleen PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Francine Dutrisac PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Drew Hunter PaTTAN - Harrisburg