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At PaTTAN, our goal is to provide educators with a breadth of publications that are grounded in proven best practices and a deep research base, reflecting a commitment to school improvement. PaTTAN offers publications on a variety of topics, all focused on improving educational results for students with and without disabilities.

Whether you are just starting out in the field of education, or you want to improve upon the work you and your team are already doing, let PaTTAN support you with the expertise of our educational consultants. Pennsylvania educators, school administrators, and families can view, download, and order PaTTAN publications mailed to their school or home. 

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Watch Me Grow Brochure - Spanish
April 13, 2021

Watch Me Grow Brochure - Spanish

This Early Intervention child find and family information brochure is a statewide public awareness document utilized by all Infant/Toddler and Preschool Early Intervention Programs. The brochure includes common language to describe Early Intervention so parents know that their child receives Early Intervention services regardless of where they live throughout the state. The brochure can be used for families, early care and education agencies providers, physicians, child find activities, etc. Additional copies are available through Early Intervention Technical Assistance (EITA) by contacting Laura Copenhaver, ""

This publication is also available in English.
What is the difference between Homebound Instruction and Instruction Conducted in the Home?
November 1, 2016

What is the difference between Homebound Instruction and Instruction Conducted in the Home?

When referring to a student who receives special education services, the terms Homebound Instruction and Instruction Conducted in the Home are often confused. This fact sheet explains the difference between the two services and provides links to further information.
What is the Families to the MAX Pennsylvania Statewide Network?
December 1, 2019

What is the Families to the MAX Pennsylvania Statewide Network?

This publication provides information about the Families to the MAX Network. 

Also available in Spanish.
When Parents Revoke Consent: Issues for Consideration
June 29, 2018

When Parents Revoke Consent: Issues for Consideration

IDEA 2004 allows parents to revoke consent for special education services for their children. This fact sheet provides background information and implications regarding this issue.
Writing Effective IEP Goals
January 1, 2019

Writing Effective IEP Goals

Central to the creation of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) by the IEP team, is development of measurable annual goals, which are based on a student’s current levels of academic and functional performance, and which should align to and reference the Pennsylvania standards. This publication focuses on the components of a well-written measurable annual goal.
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