Supporting Students with Disabilities in Virtual Environments (SSDVE)

Supporting Students with Disabilities in Virtual Environments (SSDVE)

The purpose of this intiaitive is to provide training and technical assistance to educators supporting students with disabilties in virtual environments. 

Specific areas of focus include:

Planning and Designing for Blended and Fully Online Learning

  • Evidence-based, trauma-informed instructional and intervention practices for students for students with disabilities in virtual environments
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Digital tools and platforms

Assessing learners in digital/blended/fully online learning environments

  • Evidence- based practices for progress monitoring IEP goals in virtual environments
  • Digital tools to support formative and summative assessments

Multi-disciplinary, cross-grade, cross-curricular collaborative practices

  • Strategies to support multi-disciplinary, cross-grade, and cross-curricular planning
  • Digital tools and platforms to support collaboration between related service providers, educators, and families

Empowering/Engaging/Interacting with the Parent/Adult in the home.

  • Describe and implement family and student centered practices in support of transitioning students between face-to-face and virtual school environments
  • Identify best-practices for conducting virtual IEP meetings


Resources for Supporting Students with Disabilities in Virtual Environments






- Office Lead
- State Lead
Sergio Anaya, Program Director PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Sara Frey PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Ethan Pan PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Angela Kirby, Director PaTTAN - Harrisburg


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